Marketing Communications Work Request

It is recommended that the project or event coordinator schedule a meeting with Heather Hirschman Student Affairs Marketing and Communication Coordinator (336-334-4410 or, prior to submitting a work request to discuss a marketing timeline, social media presence, and other avenues of promotion.

Please complete the form with as much detail as possible. If you feel that a meeting may be helpful prior to completing the project request form, contact Gretchen Pugh at (336) 256-1433 or All new design projects will require an in-person meeting before or after submitting a work request.

The Student Affairs Communications Team (SACT) is NOT responsible for writing content for your marketing pieces; your office must provide all text copy, although, the SACT may edit and modify the content (text and images) in your materials as we deem necessary and appropriate. You will be presented with a final proof, requesting your approval of the design and all content. Until you have approved the final design, no other collateral will be created. It is up to you to sign-off on the proof so that the remaining phases or pieces of a project can be completed by the SACT.

The SACT will provide you with all files necessary for electronic and print distribution, but is not responsible for distribution of your materials, however, we can make suggestions of potential venues.

SET DEADLINES. Publications not only vary in appearance and content, but also in the time required to produce them. Think backwards about your project timeline to determine when to submit a work request, keeping the following points in mind:

  1. Date of event: Month/Day/Year

  2. Length of time for promotion: (2 days - 4 weeks depending on project or audience)

  3. Length of time for distribution of materials: (2 - 7 days, depending on locations)

  4. Length of time for printing and delivery: (2 days - 4 weeks depending on project complexity, print company, and delivery)

  5. Review/Approval Process: (each time there are edits, adds another 1 - 2 days to the design process)

  6. Design Process:

  7. New Design-no previous design materials exist (minimum 4-weeks)
    Re-design of a pre-existing piece (minimum 2-weeks)
    Content revision to a pre-existing piece (minimum 1-week)
  8. Submit Graphic Design Work Request Form NO LATER THAN: (Add total days needed for steps 2 - 6 and count back on the calendar from the date of event step 1)

Event Date:
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Materials Requested

Please select all materials desired
Select all ELECTRONIC materials needed for promotions
Distribution of Print and Electronic Marketing Materials will begin on:
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